Experience the Original in the Abode of Kings

Creating and producing corporate literature
for HRH Group of Hotels, Udaipur, Rajasthan India.

Evolving from 2002 to 2008
An evolving design from 2002 to 2008

Since 1999-2000, we have been working on a host of marketing communication projects for HRH Group of Hotels, headquartered in Udaipur and spread across the heritage-cities of Rajasthan. HRH Group, in case you didn’t know, is India’s largest and only chain of heritage authentic palace-hotels under private ownership. Its Chairman, Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar, is the 76th Custodian of the House of Mewar, acknowledged as the world’s oldest-serving dynasty.

‘Experience the Original in the Abode of Kings’ was the branding already created in the 1990s: for us it was a creative challenge to adapt and expand the branding in the corporate literature. As Shriji always said,”we are NOT marketing the palace suites or rooms, we are marketing the destinations, focus on the ‘experiences’ that our heritage hotels have to offer…”

In 2002, the corporate brochure emerged in its square international format, with loads and loads of photographs highlighting the unique ‘experiences’ being offered by HRH Group at the palace-hotels and sanctuary-resorts across Rajasthan. It took months to select the photographs, draft and re-draft the copy…the brochure emerged, sharply defined, much to the satisfaction of the sales teams and continued to be their communication tool for years.

By 2005-06, it was time to give ‘Experience the Original in the Abode of Kings’ an even more royal touch and feel. Within the golden folder lay the brochures, lavishly displaying the experiences which the palace-hotels and sanctuary-resorts offered. With Udaipur fast-emerging as India’s most preferred destination for weddings, ceremonies and corporate events, the literature was created to provide the spectacular options for every event.

New photographs highlighted the newly renovated properties of the HRH Group of Hotels in 2008. Experience the Original in the Abode of Kings became more contemporary. The richly printed brochure was a visual delight while a matching CD Rom contained all the hotel specifications. Tools essential for the travel trade.

Experience the Original 2008 edition

Experience the Original in the Abode of Kings is now, in keeping with the times, available both in print and digital formats.

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