Detailing Destinations

Creating and producing corporate literature
for Eastbound Tours and Travels, New Delhi / Gurgaon.

Back in 2003-04, we created the Eastbound logo for the new company being formed by a group of very experienced tourism professionals. The colours, the sweep of the horizon and the rising sun gave ample indication of how proud Eastbound was to be in Asia and truly Indian in their orientation.

The first brochure produced gave birth to the branding of ‘Detailing Destinations’, as the pivotal message for Eastbound, striving to be recognized as a total service organization dedicated to travel and tourism in Asia, holding steadfast to Indian values in a highly globalized environment.

While the size of the brochure was an international square, its photographs were specially chosen to reflect the ‘details’.

As Eastbound grew, its literature reflected the growth. ‘Detailing Destinations’ remained its message and the company was living up to its promise of detailing every aspect of the travel services for the clientele.

The photographs now were becoming the focus of attention: each one reflecting the glorious details in sync with the promise of detailed knowledge and service which Eastbound offered.

By 2009-10, it was time to relook at the corporate brochure. From the golden incarnation, it was now a silvery one that emerged with the ‘Detailing Destinations’ branding still as strongly entrenched. The selection of photographs revealed the detailing in yet another eye-catching selection which got clients from across the word to nod appreciatively.

Our association with Eastbound has continued and grown with its sister-organizations and affiliated companies as well

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