101 Moments: take home your holiday

The 101 Moments series of CDs and DVDs extend our design and photography work into retail souvenirs.

The story starts in 2004 with the release of the first CD on the City Palace, Udaipur.
‘101 Moments – The City Palace, Udaipur’ was released in March 2004 and sold through specially created exclusive sales outlets at the City Palace Museum, Udaipur. It contained virtual tours, history, maps and city info along with computer wallpapers and printable greeting cards.

Next came ‘Celebrating Agra’. It features 4 Virtual Tours (The Taj Mahal, Tomb of Itimaduddaula, Sikandra and Agra Fort), a Film on the Taj Mahal.  The music has been specially composed to bring out the unique character of each monument blended with today’s international melodies. Interactive Maps, Screensavers, Wallpapers, Greetings, History and City Info are also include.
The packaging is a handmade-paper gift box, which is eco-friendly, and gives an authentic touch of the heritage of India. See a small demo here 

In 2006 we released ‘Ladakh – endless discoveries’. This CD covers over 30 locations tracing the on-road route from Manali to Leh and beyond with the ever-changing locales and colors. Contents include over 700 photographs, interactive panoramas, original music, maps, screensavers, wallpapers, jigsaw puzzles, an introduction to Ladakhi history, Buddhism and Information on the region. See a small demo here 

The latest title is the updated and much extended ‘version 4’ on Udaipur titled ‘Udaipur – a city most memorable’. On a DVD for easy viewing on TV or computer, the virtual tours are supported by extensive films. Including exclusive films on traditional Mewari cookery and Rajasthani miniature painting.

Go on take home your holiday :-)

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