Seeking the Sacred (Viewpoints: Strasbourg – Udaipur)

It is with joy we share the news of Anuradha’s on-going exhibition of photographs unveiled in the City of Strasbourg on May 22, 2013.

The exhibition is titled Seeking the Sacred – Photographic Exhibition (Viewpoints – Strasbourg – Udaipur)’.

The month-long photo-exhibition is the outcome of an exchange programme of photographers from Udaipur in Rajasthan (India) and Strasbourg in France.

The exchange of photographers was a result of the Joint Cooperation Programme (JCP) of the Indian Heritage Cities Network Foundation, UNESCO India Office New Delhi; Udaipur Municipal Corporation; the City of Strasbourg (Municipalité de Strasbourg) France, and Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation (MMCF), Udaipur.

In March end, Anuradha got the opportunity to spend over ten days photographing the ‘sacred’ in Strasbourg, while Mr. Albert Huber of Festiv Musiq Sacrees Monde: Strasbourg was in Udaipur capturing different facets of the sacred in the renowned heritage-city of Rajasthan. Her impressions of her stay can be found on her blog.

It is being planned in Strasbourg to bring the photo-exhibition to Udaipur sometime between October and December 2013.

In the interim news about ‘Seeking the Sacred – Photographic Exhibition’ is being disseminated to the Indian and global media, besides being featured on different social media sites. It is generating due interest and is proving to be a fine example of the people-to-people contact between our two great countries.

We look forward to sharing more information and plans with you as dates for the Exhibition in Udaipur get finalised.

With warm regards and best wishes,

ManSar Communications


On assignment: Aashka

The challenge of the photography assignment was to bring out the treasure chest feel of the Aashka outlet and the uniqueness of each product.

The souvenir and lifestyle store has an extensive collection of jewellery, apparel and home furnishing, carefully selected and developed by Ms Bhargavi Kumari Mewar of Udaipur. Her focus is to develop designs and products that she grew up with, living in the royal palaces of Mewar.

The final images found use in media coverage in lifestyle magazines like Casaviva and store catalogues.

(please click on any image to view the gallery)

101 Moments: take home your holiday

The 101 Moments series of CDs and DVDs extend our design and photography work into retail souvenirs.

The story starts in 2004 with the release of the first CD on the City Palace, Udaipur.
‘101 Moments – The City Palace, Udaipur’ was released in March 2004 and sold through specially created exclusive sales outlets at the City Palace Museum, Udaipur. It contained virtual tours, history, maps and city info along with computer wallpapers and printable greeting cards.

Next came ‘Celebrating Agra’. It features 4 Virtual Tours (The Taj Mahal, Tomb of Itimaduddaula, Sikandra and Agra Fort), a Film on the Taj Mahal.  The music has been specially composed to bring out the unique character of each monument blended with today’s international melodies. Interactive Maps, Screensavers, Wallpapers, Greetings, History and City Info are also include.
The packaging is a handmade-paper gift box, which is eco-friendly, and gives an authentic touch of the heritage of India. See a small demo here 

In 2006 we released ‘Ladakh – endless discoveries’. This CD covers over 30 locations tracing the on-road route from Manali to Leh and beyond with the ever-changing locales and colors. Contents include over 700 photographs, interactive panoramas, original music, maps, screensavers, wallpapers, jigsaw puzzles, an introduction to Ladakhi history, Buddhism and Information on the region. See a small demo here 

The latest title is the updated and much extended ‘version 4’ on Udaipur titled ‘Udaipur – a city most memorable’. On a DVD for easy viewing on TV or computer, the virtual tours are supported by extensive films. Including exclusive films on traditional Mewari cookery and Rajasthani miniature painting.

Go on take home your holiday :-)

7 Din. 7 Car

The Radio City competitions that ran in 2004 were the first of their kind on Indian radio. Advertised solely on the airways and hoardings, it was the hoardings that gave a visual face to the competition. Hugely popular the competitions were instrumental in dramatically increasing the popularity of the music channel.

Detailing Destinations

Creating and producing corporate literature
for Eastbound Tours and Travels, New Delhi / Gurgaon.

Back in 2003-04, we created the Eastbound logo for the new company being formed by a group of very experienced tourism professionals. The colours, the sweep of the horizon and the rising sun gave ample indication of how proud Eastbound was to be in Asia and truly Indian in their orientation.

The first brochure produced gave birth to the branding of ‘Detailing Destinations’, as the pivotal message for Eastbound, striving to be recognized as a total service organization dedicated to travel and tourism in Asia, holding steadfast to Indian values in a highly globalized environment.

While the size of the brochure was an international square, its photographs were specially chosen to reflect the ‘details’.

As Eastbound grew, its literature reflected the growth. ‘Detailing Destinations’ remained its message and the company was living up to its promise of detailing every aspect of the travel services for the clientele.

The photographs now were becoming the focus of attention: each one reflecting the glorious details in sync with the promise of detailed knowledge and service which Eastbound offered.

By 2009-10, it was time to relook at the corporate brochure. From the golden incarnation, it was now a silvery one that emerged with the ‘Detailing Destinations’ branding still as strongly entrenched. The selection of photographs revealed the detailing in yet another eye-catching selection which got clients from across the word to nod appreciatively.

Our association with Eastbound has continued and grown with its sister-organizations and affiliated companies as well

Experience the Original in the Abode of Kings

Creating and producing corporate literature
for HRH Group of Hotels, Udaipur, Rajasthan India.

Evolving from 2002 to 2008
An evolving design from 2002 to 2008

Since 1999-2000, we have been working on a host of marketing communication projects for HRH Group of Hotels, headquartered in Udaipur and spread across the heritage-cities of Rajasthan. HRH Group, in case you didn’t know, is India’s largest and only chain of heritage authentic palace-hotels under private ownership. Its Chairman, Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar, is the 76th Custodian of the House of Mewar, acknowledged as the world’s oldest-serving dynasty.

‘Experience the Original in the Abode of Kings’ was the branding already created in the 1990s: for us it was a creative challenge to adapt and expand the branding in the corporate literature. As Shriji always said,”we are NOT marketing the palace suites or rooms, we are marketing the destinations, focus on the ‘experiences’ that our heritage hotels have to offer…”

In 2002, the corporate brochure emerged in its square international format, with loads and loads of photographs highlighting the unique ‘experiences’ being offered by HRH Group at the palace-hotels and sanctuary-resorts across Rajasthan. It took months to select the photographs, draft and re-draft the copy…the brochure emerged, sharply defined, much to the satisfaction of the sales teams and continued to be their communication tool for years.

By 2005-06, it was time to give ‘Experience the Original in the Abode of Kings’ an even more royal touch and feel. Within the golden folder lay the brochures, lavishly displaying the experiences which the palace-hotels and sanctuary-resorts offered. With Udaipur fast-emerging as India’s most preferred destination for weddings, ceremonies and corporate events, the literature was created to provide the spectacular options for every event.

New photographs highlighted the newly renovated properties of the HRH Group of Hotels in 2008. Experience the Original in the Abode of Kings became more contemporary. The richly printed brochure was a visual delight while a matching CD Rom contained all the hotel specifications. Tools essential for the travel trade.

Experience the Original 2008 edition

Experience the Original in the Abode of Kings is now, in keeping with the times, available both in print and digital formats.